Breaking News – Violence in Society

CBS News  June 6, 2013 2:47 p.m.

“We interrupt this afternoon’s program for Breaking News.  This afternoon, in Conway, Massachusetts, a man was sighted teaching softball to his three children and numerous others. Onlookers blocked traffic on Route 116 for two hours. Pictures at 11.”

Introduction to “60 Minutes”: “There have been reports from the Mid-West that parents have begun feeding their children breakfast, kissing their heads and sending them to school. Six people carried food to a sick person in North Dakota, and in Arizona, a daughter drove her mother to the hospital after her mother slipped and fell. In downtown Chicago a teenager held a door open for a person in a wheelchair.

Tonight we look into: what is wrong with these people? And is it spreading?”


Isn’t it great news that violence is what makes the news?